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CalLytic Scale Inhibitor

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Calmag – CalLytic Scale Inhibitor

The CalLytic Scale Inhibitor combats the formation of hard

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Calmag – CalLytic Scale Inhibitor

The CalLytic Scale Inhibitor combats the formation of hard lime scale and prevents corrosion when used on a central heating system. Within the unit are zinc plates which create the same reaction as a magnet. Once water passes over the plates and the inner copper body of the unit a single polarity is induced into the water. This causes the calcium and magnesium (lime scale) particles to take on the same polarity. The particles then repel each other and as a result prevent the formation of hard lime scale. In addition the zinc plates slowly release minute particles into the water supply which prevents corrosion by removing all the air in the system.

CalLytic can be fitted to 22mm 28mm and 35mm pipe work and does not require earth bonding. The unit can be fitted to both hot and cold water lines and is supplied with compression fittings. CalLytic has been designed to provide protection for up to ten years. After this time the zinc within the unit will be completely depleted.

After Installation you should notice the following effects;

Any hard lime scale that has formed around taps sinks etc will begin to soften with regular contact with treated water. This will make it much easier to clean.

Showerheads will be become descaled over time. Initially showerheads may become blocked with loose lime scale debris (often the case with electric showers). To solve this simply remove the showerhead and rinse out the debris.

After several months your hot water system will become gradually become more efficient. Eventually you should be able to lower the water temperature and make considerable savings over the year.