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Calsoft Electrical Water Softener

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Calmag – Calsoft Electrical Water Softener 004CAL Click Here For Calmag Energy Leaflet PDF 004CAL.

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Calmag – Calsoft Electrical Water Softener 004CAL Click Here For Calmag Energy Leaflet PDF 004CAL. CalSoft is an electrical ion exchange water softener. Water softeners are the only solution to eliminate limescale problems in hard water areas. Ion exchange is a simple process whereby calcium (limescale) is replaced by sodium (salt) in your water. This creates soft water. Our unit is one of the most economical water softeners available. Calsoft electrical is as easy to install as a washing machine and comes with no flashing lights digits or confusing programmes. It has been designed to fit under a single kitchen cupboard. All the unit requires is an inlet outlet drain overflow and power supply. Water travels through the inlet to the bottom of the resin tank. It is then forced through the resin bed where calcium (limescale) particles are exchanged with sodium (salt) particles that are held on the resin beads. The softened water then passes through the outlet and supplies your home with limescale free softened water. After a period of time the resin vessel will become exhausted and needs to run through a regeneration or cleansing period. CalSoft runs on a timer system which controls the regeneration process. Once the timer reaches the preset time normally during hours when demand for water is at a minimum it opens a solenoid that diverts water down the drain line. The unit then draws in a brine solution from the tank and forces it up through the resin bed exchanging the calcium particles for sodium particles. This water along with the calcium particles is sent to drain. After the preset regeneration period passes the timer will switch off and return the softener to its normal function. After installation you should notice the following effects

Existing scale on pipes and appliances will begin to break down upon contact with softened water. NB this process will take slightly longer in your hot water cylinder. 2.